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Got Shin Splints in Georgetown ON? Shin Splints, or Anterior Tibial Stress Syndrome, as it is referred to clinically, refers to a painful condition involving the front of the lower leg where the shin bone (tibia) and the extensor muscles of the foot joint together.

Common Causes of Shin Splints in Georgetown ON

Shin splints are commonly seen in runners or other active people especially when there has been a change in activity such as going from a treadmill to the road, a sudden increase in mileage being run, or even a change in the runner's footwear.

Common Symptoms of Shin Splints

Patients suffering from shin splints most commonly complain of pain and stiffness along the front and just to the inside of the shin bone, where the muscles and Tibia join together. In the early stages, when the condition is not as severe, runners will find that the initial pain will often lessen as the run continues, thereby allowing them to "run out of the pain". This then progresses to more significant and severe pain which only worsens as the run continues.

Treatment of Shin Splints

Treatment begins by focusing on reducing pain and inflammation, then proceeds to heal the involved tissues at the muscle-bone attachment sites. An assessment of foot and ankle biomechanics with a gait analysis is often helpful to determine mechanical flaws that help lead to the condition. Our goal is always to offer our patients quick and cost-effective relief of their pain by providing the most innovative, scientifically proven combination of treatments available for their condition.

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