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Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in Georgetown ON? Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition that typically causes pain in the arch and heel on the bottom of the foot. The pain is the result of inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is the dense connective tissue band that makes up the longitudinal arch of the foot and is often seen in runners, soccer players, and even those who work on hard floors or surfaces such as factories and construction sites. Individuals who have improper foot mechanics also have a greater likelihood of suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Common Causes in Georgetown ON

Two of the most common causes of Plantar Fasciitis are repetitive weight-bearing activities and improper foot mechanics. Activities that are weight-bearing and repetitive such as running sports and working on hard surfaces place added stress and strain on the fascia, causing inflammation and pain. Likewise, improper foot mechanics such as having “flat feet” (pronation) produces a great deal of added stress on the Plantar fascia. A thorough foot examination including a biomechanical assessment and gait evaluation will determine if improper foot mechanics are contributing to the condition.

Common Symptoms

The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is pain located on the bottom foot and on the bottom of the heel. Most typically patients describe the first few steps after getting out of bed in the morning as being excruciatingly painful, but that it “quiets down” or “loosens up” after walking for a period of time. As the condition progresses or gets worse, the degree of pain increases, as does the time required to walk before the “quieting down” occurs. In more severe cases, a sufferer will walk with a significant limp as the foot is too painful to bear weight properly.


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