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Suffering from a Hamstring Injury or Strain/tear in Georgetown ON? The hamstring muscles are the large group of muscles that make up the bulk of the back of the upper leg between the buttocks and the knee. The hamstrings primarily act to flex the knee joint and are therefore subject to sudden, intense loads such as when a batter sprints from a stop to first base, or when a goalie does the splits.

Common Causes of Hamstring Injuries or Strain/Tears in Georgetown ON

The hamstring can be injured as described above or with any repetitive or forceful knee flexion movement. The hamstring can also be injured when a flexed knee is forced into extension, such as can occur when someone slips on the ice while walking, with the knee suddenly being forced into a straightened position.

Common Symptoms of Hamstring Injuries or Strain/Tears

Hamstring injuries will cause pain and stiffness, in particular, at the point of damage within the muscle. Walking becomes difficult and descending stairs (which forces the hamstring to act in a braking capacity) is especially painful. Bruising is typically seen - and can be quite extensive - as the highly vascularized torn muscle fibres bleed. Interestingly, because of the effect of gravity while standing, the site of most of the bruising is usually further down the leg and not over the actual site of muscle damage. It is not uncommon, for example, to have significant bruising in the vicinity of the knee even though the knee itself has not suffered any damage.

Treatment of Hamstring Injuries or Strain/Tears

Treatment of Hamstring Injuries or Strain/Tears is directed towards healing the damaged hamstring muscle fibres, reducing spasms, and ultimately restoring normal muscle function to both the hamstring muscles, as well as any other muscle groups that have become involved while trying to compensate for the original hamstring injury. As always, our goal is to offer our patients quick and cost-effective relief of their pain by providing the most innovative, scientifically proven combination of treatments available for their condition.

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