Cervical Facet Joint Irritation

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What is Cervical Facet Joint Irritation?

The cervical facet joints are paired synovial joints located on the back of the cervical (neck) vertebrae. Together with the intervertebral disc on the front of the vertebrae, they form a three joint complex allowing movements between two adjacent vertebra. Since synovial joints are extemely sensitive, irritation of these joints leads to significant pain and protective muscle spasm.

Common Causes of Cervical Facet Joint Irritation

Like most non-traumatic low back pain, cervical facet joint irritation is often cumulative. In other words, it is caused by individually insignificant daily activities that add up to cause pain. Things such as sleeping postures, sitting postures (especially in front of a computer), lifting, bending and twisting, all add stress and irritation to the facet joints. This irritation will build, and can then suddenly appear and produce pain when doing something simple like trying to turn the head to check a mirror while driving.

Common Symptoms of Cervical Facet Joint Irritation

Sudden onset neck pain and stiffness that seem to "come out of nowhere" is typical. Occasionally, it will begin as slight stiffness and discomfort, and progress to a greater degree of pain and spasm. Turning the head and looking up are especially uncomfortable. At times, the pain will even radiate into the shoulder or arm.

Treatment of Cervical Facet Joint Irritation

The best treatment plan for the relief of Cervical Facet Joint Irritation will include goals to reduce pain, irritation and spasm quickly. Once this is accomplished, normal joint mechanics are re-established, and any residual muscle spasm is treated. A simple home exercise program will complete the treatment to further address tight muscle and help prevent the re-occurrence of neck pain.

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