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What is Sacroiliac Joint Irritation in Georgetown ON? The sacroiliac joints are paired joints formed by the triangular sacral bone at the base of the spine and the two pelvic bones. They are located a few inches below the belt line, on either side of the mid-point, and since the sacrum essentially forms the base of the spine, the sacroiliac joints are frequently involved in painful low back pain conditions.

Common Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Irritation in Georgetown ON

As is the case in lumbar facet joint irritation, the cause of most non-traumatic sacroiliac joint irritation is cumulative. In other words, it is the build-up of irritation from relatively insignificant, often repetitive everyday activities. Things such as sitting postures, sleeping postures, lifting, bending, and twisting all place stress and irritation on low back structures including the sacroiliac joints. This irritation can build to the point where - seemingly out of nowhere - that person bends over and cannot straighten up due to sudden and severe low back pain.

Common Symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Irritation

Sacroiliac joint irritation typically causes back pain below the belt line, either across both sides or off slightly more to one side. The pain can be aggravated by movement, especially movement involving the change of posture such as getting up from a seated position. It is not infrequent for sacroiliac joint irritation to first lead to guarding, and then to irritation of the hip rotator muscles (piriformis syndrome), which ultimately results in pain in the gluteal and upper hamstring regions (sacroiliac joint syndrome). This combination of back pain with leg symptoms often causes patients to confuse sacroiliac joint conditions with sciatica.

Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Irritation

The first goal of treatment is to reduce the pain and spasm that is always present in cases of sacroiliac joint irritation. Secondary involvement of the lumbar facet joints must be considered as compensation of the lumbar spine is most commonly seen. Muscle spasms and, if present, piriformis and other trigger points must be addressed, with a goal of normalized mechanics in the entire lower back. Posture and gait considerations are often helpful in preventing reoccurrences. A simple home exercise program is always given in an effort to help prevent the return of sacroiliac joint conditions. As always, our goal is to offer our patients quick and cost-effective relief of their pain by providing the most innovative, scientifically proven combination of treatments available for their condition.

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