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Ankle sprains are injuries that occur when the ligaments supporting the ankle are suddenly overloaded, causing them to stretch or tear. See how top Georgetown ON Chiropractor Dr. Robert Jones of The Chiropractic & Sports Injuries Centre of Georgetown can help!


Most ankle sprains are inversion injuries, which occur when the foot is suddenly rolled along it’s outside edge essentially causing the bottom of the foot to forcefully turn in.  This action loads the lateral ankle stabilizing ligaments, causing them to stretch or tear.  The structures most commonly damaged in this scenario are the anterior talo-fibular ligament and the tendon of the peroneus brevis muscle.  In fact, there are occasions where the force produced by muscle contraction trying to prevent the foot from rolling in causes this tendon to literally tear-off the 5th metatarsal styloid, which is a bone on the outside of the foot proper.  This injury is referred to as an avulsion fracture.

The Chiropractic & Sports Injuries Centre of Georgetown explains how in sports, most ankle sprains occur with either a sudden cutting or change of direction – as seen in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse;  as the result of abrupt stopping and starting - such as that seen in baseball; or in jumping sports such as volleyball and basketball.  In non-sport scenarios, sprains commonly occur when someone mis-judges a step or walks on uneven terrain.

One other, often overlooked, cause of these injuries occurs when previous ankle sprains, which have not been rehabilitated properly, result in improper proprioception and residual instability at the ankle, which makes the ankle much more prone to subsequent and repetitive sprains.  These are the people who will think that they suffer from “weak ankles” because they suffer sprains so frequently!


Sprains – especially if severe – cause significant swelling on the outside portion of the ankle, often causing that part of the ankle to lose its normal indented contour.  Pain to the touch at the site of ligament damage is typically present, while pain with walking will usually cause significant limping.  After a few days, it is not uncommon to see bruising on the outside of the heel of the foot.


Treatment begins with the targeted goal of controlling swelling and pain, as increased swelling will slow healing significantly. The next phase of treatment sets out to speed the healing of damaged ligament fibres and progresses to regaining lost range of motion at the ankle joint.  Finally, ankle stability and proprioception must be enhanced in order to help prevent recurrent ankle sprains from occurring.

At the Chiropractic & Sports Injuries Centre of Georgetown, the Centre’s founder, Dr. Robert M. Jones, has spent the past 25 years working with numerous athletes and sports teams, from budding amateurs to World and Olympic champions.  Through this experience, he has developed a unique and clinically effective combination of treatments to ensure his patients the quickest possible relief of pain and return to normal activities.  This treatment plan often includes:

  • Manual Manipulation to correct faulty joint mechanics
  • Soft Tissue Techniques to reduce spasm, alleviate pain and improve muscle function
  • Physical Therapies including ultrasound and electrotherapy to speed the healing process
  • Advice with Instruction for simple home rehabilitation & strengthening exercises to help prevent re-injury.

If you are experiencing ankle pain, don't wait for it to become unbearable or chronic, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones at The Chiropractic & Sports Injuries Centre of Georgetown today.

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